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Volvo’s VADA system.

VADA stands for,

  • Volvo
  • Active
  • Driver
  • Assist

It is a comprehensive collision mitigation system that has been reported to help reduce the risk of collisions by eighty two percent.

VADA is the latest iteration of several security and stability related enhancements that Volvo has made over the last over decades that started with the use of anti lock brakes way back in the 1990’s, [...]

What is different about the Volvo D13 TC engine?

Before we can explain what the difference is, we first have to identify what those two letters, T and C, on the end stand for.  The T stands for turbo charged, and the C stands for compound.  Now you may be thinking to yourself that turbo compound engines are not new, and you’d be correct (the concept has existed for about eighty years give or take, since 1954) , but what makes the D13TC engine different is how Volvo utilize this technology.

They used the turbo to enhance fuel economy.

Game – [...]

Imagine you’re driving down the highway in your heavy truck, fully loaded and all of the sudden you get a warning notification on your rig. Great. Now your delivery will be delayed… your workday just became longer and your headache just became bigger. Unfortunately, most truckers don’t have to imagine this scenario since they have undoubtedly lived it at least once, if not many times in their career.

If you think back to that moment, wouldn’t it have been nice to have a heavy truck expert in the cab next to you that could help you know exactly what the problem is, the next steps you should take and so on? Well if you’re [...]

Basically a truckers rig is their home away from home. And who doesn’t want creature comforts in their home? Not many people. So if you’re a truck driver who enjoys things like air conditioning in the summer, heat in the winter, wifi at any time, a fridge, stove and most other power related things in your truck cab then you should get yourself an APU.


What is an A P U?

The term A P U stands for auxiliary power unit. An APU is basically a power generator for your heavy rig that can operate certain vehicle systems without having the vehicle’s engine running.

Is there a trucker on the planet that wouldn’t want a super truck?

That would be such an easy bet to make! What heavy rig driver, or truck fleet manager would turn down the opportunity to buy a rig that is named something so awesome?

Well a few years back the United States Department of Energy challenged Volvo to build exactly that, a Super Truck! What was the criteria the USDE set for a vehicle to qualify as a Super Truck? They wanted a truck that reduced freight efficiency and emission’s by fifty percent, AND they wanted it done inside of a five year time frame.


Driving a heavy truck or rig?

If the answer is yes, we’ll share something that probably won’t come as much of a surprise.

If you take a quick look underneath your rig and do some counting, you’ll find there are eighteen wheels holding your heavy truck up, and on each of those wheels is a tire.

Eighteen “expensive to replace” on their own tires…and downright painfully “expensive to replace” tires if you have to replace all of them! Fact: no one (and we do mean NO ONE) enjoys replacing A SINGLE tire (much less eighteen of them) on [...]

Welcome to 2021 and the world of ever increasing fuel costs!

Let’s start with the negative side of things. It’s safe to say that it comes as no surprise that fuel costs a fortune, seems to be perpetually increasing and is one of those things makes a massive dent into a truckers income. Now for the (semi) good side of things. You have the ability to reduce the amount of fuel you burn (and how much of your money you burn).

How so? How can you reduce fuel costs?

Simple, understand the following reality – without a well maintained truck [...]

Here comes winter, along with the ice, snow and yes, windshield that needs to be defrosted and cleared. It’s not fun clearing the windshield in a car and it’s much less fun doing this in a heavy rig. Probably fair to say that there aren’t many people, truck drivers or otherwise, who enjoy defrosting their windshield, particularly in winter.

Likely everyone has, at one point or another in their driving career (particularly in Canada), driven down the road with a fogged, icy or snowy windshield. Not only does this make that first kilometre or so more difficult, it is extremely dangerous. So today we have a suggestion that can make clearing the windshield of your rig easier.

So as the world realized it was transitioning from electric cars are progressively replacing fuel engined cars, truckers knew that electric heavy trucks and rigs wouldn’t be far behind. And they weren’t. But not surprisingly, the mass transition from diesel rigs to electric rigs has been slower than it has been with cars. Having said that, as they say, it’s just a matter of when… not if.

As heavy truckers progressively make the change from diesel engines to electric, two questions frequently come up from our customers when it comes to electrified heavy trucks and rigs.

  1. How long does it take to charge a full size electric rig?
  2. [...]

Volvo heavy trucks and rigs are the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road. As a brand Volvo prides itself on being on the leading edge of… well everything when it comes to trucking, so naturally, it took an organization like Volvo to offer the revolutionary “I-See” predictive cruise control technology.

Volvo’s I-See technology uses cloud based map data to actually analyze the upcoming road topography as you are driving on highways in cruise control. It literally reads the road ahead of you, and then adjusts the vehicle to maximize fuel consumption by using a combination of the vehicles speed, gears and engine brake. While any trucker knows, when you are driving a [...]

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