COVID-19 message:

During the current situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, Gerry’s Truck Centre Ltd. will continue our commitment to our staff, customers and suppliers safety and wellbeing. Our risk and prevention measures are designed to ensure the safety with the least amount of inconvenience to all interactions we conduct. Our Parts and Service departments continue to operate normal business hours that you have relied on before the outbreak. We have put restrictions in place at both the London and Woodstock locations.

Our sales department is taking all customer inquiries and discussions seriously and welcomes email and telephone contact for the time being.  Alpine Leasing continues to rent units for those in need and taking every precaution to ensure trucks are safe for short term and mid-term use. and for contact.

For our Parts customers we still offer delivery to the normal routes, our drivers will follow a modified delivery procedure giving confirmation onsite, we will also respect each individual company protocols that may be in place. To customers that come to our locations please be advised we are closing access to our showroom and counter areas, any orders and/or pick up arrangement can be made via phone, text or email communication to our counter staff. Designated pick up areas are available in both locations.

Our Service departments are under restricted access with modified drop off and service request process in place. If you require an appointment or any other assistance please contact our departments by phone, text or email and we will be more than happy to look after your service request.

If you have an emergency or are unable to bring your unit to the locations we offer a mobile service that can be reached directly from 519 870 5601 or directed through the Volvo Uptime center at 1 800 528 6586.

For all our Cash customers we have a secure payment page provided from our Website or you can make other arrangements. Please discuss with our staff for further information.

Once again we wish the best for all affected by this situation and will continue to update our process as we work to reduce the threat to each other.

Best regards
Mike Wardle
Dealer Principal.

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