Truck drivers have their priorities.


For most their top priority will be safety (hopefully), but immediately after that will most likely be mileage… as in getting as much fuel mileage as possible! It doesn’t take a genius to know that the further you can go on a single tank of fuel means your job will be easier, you’ll probably get home sooner and make more money in the process! Thankfully the engineering team at Volvo is completely onboard with this and has you covered when it comes to increasing the mileage your Volvo rig can travel on a tank of diesel.

Hence Volvo offers various [...]

Truckers learn things fast.

Heck any trucker worth their salt will clue into all kinds of things they had never considered even after just a few short months (or weeks!) of behind the wheel. It’s not surprising. With the amount of time truckers spend in their rigs as those kilometers roll by, they have loads of time to think, consider and pay attention to things that others might miss. One of those things that they will soon enough pick up on is that it really is the small things that make a big difference. While this holds true for almost everything in life, driving a rig is no exception. Fortunately, the engineers at Volvo [...]

As the world of automobiles, which includes heavy rigs makes the inevitable shift from combustion engines to electric vehicles the following question is one consideration which will not change and stays consistent…

How can I get more kilometers between fueling/ charging. Whether you’re trying to increase the amount of time between “gassing up” or increase the amount of time between “charging up”, covering as much distance on your existing energy source is the key to job efficiency and profitability. So, while fuel costs may no longer be as acute a concern, getting the most distance out of your charge is still vital to your livelihood.

How does someone [...]

While it could be one of the worst kept secrets ever, the world of automobile transportation (which includes heavy trucks and rigs) is progressively going electric.

Shocker right? (See what we did there 😉 Here at Gerrys Truck Centre one of the first questions out of every prospective electric Volvo rig buyer’s mouth is…

“How far can these things go on a full charge?”

While it’s a perfectly fair question that we’re happy to answer there are some variables that come into play before we can give an answer. The first variable to consider is it depends on the vehicle [...]

We’ll start with some brutally obvious statements.

For a heavy truck or rig to be of any value it needs to move. Forward momentum is key! Without it, those deliveries just don’t happen and you don’t get paid! As soon as you accept that, it doesn’t take long for the next equally important realization to kick in, you also need to be able to stop these road behemoths. While this applies equally to both combustion engine rigs as well as electric rigs, what doesn’t apply equally is how the braking is done between the two.

Yes, electric trucks do have a different braking system than combustion engine vehicles… [...]

The world we all live in is shifting and changing faster than it likely ever has in the past. It seems that on a daily basis we are relentlessly exposed to new technological innovations, and these innovations come a host of new and often interesting words to help us understand (or further confuse us on) the new technologies.


Having said all of that, the new and interesting word (well actually phrase) we will discuss today, which didn’t exist even just a few years ago, is “regenerative braking.” You are probably well advised to understand this new term for a couple of reasons. First regenerative braking is a technology that will probably soon enough become something [...]

When it comes to regular automobiles, Volvo cars have reputations of being built like tanks when it comes to their overall safety.

“Take anything you can throw at them” kind of thing.

But do Volvo heavy trucks follow suit? In a word, absolutely! It all starts with a goal, and Volvo’s goal was to help truckers avoid accidents. In part to accomplish this, Volvo has developed several special technologies that help improve driver and general safety with things such as their Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST), I-Shift technology, Volvo Active Driver Assist (VADA) as well as others. But the unfortunate reality is no vehicle on the [...]

Would you like to try something unbelievably difficult?

Hop in an eighteen wheel rig and try to shoehorn it into all the places that a heavy truck driver has to fit his or her rig on any given day! Whether truckers are trying to maneuver a fully loaded heavy rig in highway traffic, city traffic, through parking lots, near loading zones or any of the other places truckers have to drive these beasts, it is at best a difficult thing to accomplish. The fact of the matter is that as any truck driver will tell you, on any given day, truckers can find themselves needing to navigate in or around places many people wouldn’t even try [...]

Savvy, money smart truck drivers know the value of regular rig maintenance.

Sure regular maintenance costs a few bucks in the short term, but in the long term there are countless benefits.

Here are a few…

  1. Lower long term rig maintenance costs (if you think regular maintenance is expensive, wait till you experience the long term costs of not doing regular rig maintenance!).
  2. Better rig value at resale time.
  3. Lower fuel costs (yes, regular maintenance can directly impact your fuel costs).

Thanks to a truck load of various factors (see what we did there ;-), fuel costs have gone through the roof!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are painfully aware of the realities of fuel inflation and the devastating implications it has on your bank account. So with fuel prices through the roof, are truckers helpless to the financial ravages of exorbitant fuel prices?

Not at all.

It’s true that truck drivers can’t do much about the wars, taxes and corporate profits that have only served to increase fuel prices, but there are steps they can take [...]

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