close up shot of a heavy trucks tires. Two tires are shown on a dirt road

The importance of proper wheel torque on your heavy truck or rig cannot be over-exaggerated.

It is extremely dangerous to have your wheels either under, or over torqued for a few reasons.

First, any wheel that has not been properly torqued, (after say a wheel repair, replacement or adjustment) can not only cause vehicle vibrations, but also damage to the wheel studs, rims, hubs, braking components and more.

Any of those things can quickly add up to thousands, if not more in repairs.

But as bad as that is, it’s far from the worst that can happen.

It is completely possible that an improperly torqued tire could come off and cause accidents, injury or even worse. This could be everything from tires flying off or even causing an entire rig accident.

So one thing we always recommend is that it is critical that after you have done any kind of adjustments to a wheel, that [...]

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Anyone who has spent any time in a rig appreciates the impact that fuel mileage has on their bottom line.

As any trucker will quickly attest, fuel costs a fortune in big rigs.

While there isn’t a lot of good news in this reality, there is a silver lining, if you can improve your fuel mileage, you can add thousands to your bottom line.

Here are two things heavy truck drivers can do to save fuel costs… one of which you can do for free, and the other requires a (very worthwhile) investment.

The free option…

Drive slower. Studies have shown that cruising at 75 mph burns 27% more fuel than cruising at 65 mph.

Another study found that driving 65 mph burns 20% more than driving at 55 mph.

WOW! Whether you realize it or not, you now understand how with a simple FREE change in your behaviour, you could easily save you thousands, [...]

A close up shot of two heavy truck wheels from a rig trailer

When it comes to ongoing vehicle maintenance, what is the vehicle component that is neglected more than any other?

Air filters.

It is far from rare for us to see rigs with air filters that are absolutely clogged with dirt, debris… and even chemical contaminants.

Many truckers (and truck companies) don’t realize how important having clear air filters are, for the rig itself as well as the driver.

We’ll start with your rig.

First, for engine filters, it is utterly critical that your engine gets a consistent flow of clean air.

A clean engine filter benefits the engine in four ways.

  • First, you get better fuel efficiency,
  • second, reduced emissions,
  • third longer engine life
  • and fourth better acceleration and overall engine performance.

So by changing your filter you are saving money, the environment, while at the same time having a better performing truck that should last longer.

And now, the driver of the [...]

image of a heavy truck brake being worked on in a shop

Probably safe to say that we don’t need to explain how important it is for truck drivers to have brakes that are in excellent working condition and performing at a high level.

Okay, we’ll point out the obvious anyways.

  • It can save your life,
  • it can save other peoples lives,
  • and it can reduce rig repair costs in the long term.

What are some signs that a rig needs brakes repaired?

Some are more obvious than others.

If you are hearing grinding or excessive noise when breaking, there is a strong chance you may have some issues with the brake pads since usually by the time you hear grinding, that means your brake pads are gone and callipers are grinding on your rotors.

Not good.

But not all warning signs are quite as pronounced. Some are more subtle.

When you are braking your vehicle, it should continue straight. If it pulls to either [...]

a red thermometer almost at its top limit

If your rig is overheating, that is definitely something you do not want to ignore.

An overheat rig is potentially a sign of issues that if left untended to, can have catastrophic implications to your rig and pocketbook!

And when we say catastrophic, we aren’t kidding.

Temperature control in big rigs absolutely critical in big rigs.

An overheating engine can cause everything from premature wear and tear right through to outright engine failure.

But what causes an overheating rig? While there are many causes, there definitely are some more common culprits.

– a blown head gasket,
– a failing water pump,
– a coolant leak,
– a bad radiator,
– or even something as simple as a bad radiator cap.

Having said all of that, possibly the most common cause would be a stuck thermostat.

If a thermostat is stuck, (regardless as to whether it is stuck open, closed, or even [...]

close up shot of a heavy truck exhaust pipe

An E G R, or Exhaust Gas Recirculation system is an internal part of your rig that reduces vehicle emissions by stopping part of the exhaust gas from exiting the tailpipe, reintroducing it back into the engine.

Over time, it is common (and expected) that your EGR cooler will not function at a high level, as regular day to day rig usage plugs it up with soot, ash, carbon and countless other contaminants.

A free flowing system is very important since a dirty or poorly functioning E G R system increases vehicle emissions, can create leaks or failures, fuel injector issues and sensor problems.

It can even impact turbo charger lifespan and reduce power fuel performance.

Under normal operations, we recommend that an EGR cooler should be cleaned give or take about every four hundred and fifty thousand kilometres.

While many EGR cleaning methods can take a longer period of time to perform and at [...]

five stacks of coins which progressively increase in size from left to right
Driving a rig is rewarding in many ways.

The thrill of the open road, not having a boss breathing down your neck, seeing different places and people each day, but at the end of the day most truckers truck for one primary reason.

To make as much money as they can.

As with anything, the more time and experience rig drivers spend behind the wheel the more tricks (and hacks) they learn when it comes to keeping more money in their pockets at the end of the day.

And while there are many things that experienced drivers do to maximize their income, one thing that stands out is that successful truckers see preventative maintenance as an investment, not an expense.

Inexperienced drivers view regular oil changes, alignments, inspections and sometimes even things such as replacing worn parts as expenses. But as any trucker eventually learns (usually after a few breakdowns that could have been avoided [...]

image of a truck fuel gauge showing 3/4 empty

Any heavy truck driver will quickly point out that fuel mileage is one of their primary concerns when it comes to driving a rig for one great reason…


Driving a rig and hauling thousands of pounds gets expensive very quickly. Even a fuel mileage improvement of just a few percent points can add up to saving thousands (or even tens of thousands) of dollars over the long term.

And those savings all go directly into the profit column of the driver (or company), as opposed to the fuel company.

Well today we have a suggestion that will not only help reduce fuel costs, it will also give you the added bonus of increasing tire life (which is something else that can save truckers thousands!).

Get your alignment done.

When your truck is out of alignment, your tires are being pushed down the road “off-kilter”. This means you are effectively making your tires fight every [...]

three different tan colored volvo heavy trucks in a well lit warehouse

Just as there are many different brands and manufacturers for cars and SUVs, there is stiff competition in the trucking industry. Experienced truckers and operators favour certain manufacturers for various reasons, whether it’s longevity, ease of use, and aftermarket services. For decades, Volvo has been the brand of choice for truckers all over the world.

Volvo’s Reputation in the Trucking Industry

Debates about the best truck to buy will likely never end, since thousands of people have subjective opinions based on their personal experiences with particular trucks. Despite this, Volvo trucks have long maintained an excellent reputation in the trucking industry. For decades,
they have been recognized as a top brand internationally.

Volvo trucks are well known for their unique and elegant designs, excellent for long-distance trips because of their comfortable sleepers. They are also easy to maneuver and very functional.

Wherever you are in Canada, it’s easy to find dealers that can provide [...]

silver Volvo VNL truck on white background

When it comes to Volvo heavy trucks at Gerry’s Truck Centre our biggest selling model is unquestionably the VNL.

The VNL line was originally introduced in 1996 and while back then, the VNL was a game changer, the model has steadily improved each and every year since them. Today’s VNL buyer, driver and owner has the reassurance that their new VNL has benefitted from two and a half decades of improvement and enhancements!

Here at Gerry’s, we have every confidence to comfortably state that todays VNL trucks are the best they’ve ever been!

Currently there are five vehicles in the VNL family:
  1. The VNL 860 – This is the flagship of the VNL lineup. Truly a home away from home in almost every sense!
  2. The VNL 760 – Probably the best selling model and perfect mix of value and features, all new cab introduced in 2018.
  3. The VNL 740 – The money saving option [...]
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