Choosing the right Volvo powertrain engine, transmission and rear axle can save quite a bit of money and time over the long haul. This is an important part of your truck investment, and while you’ll want to invest some quality time in the specing process, we’ll make it easy to come to the best Volvo powertrain decision.

From our advanced engines to our innovative I-Shift transmissions, Volvo gives you the solutions you need for today,  tomorrow and way down the road. You’ll find valuable powertrain information here on our site. And lots more at your nearby Volvo dealership.


The Volvo D11 is a fuel efficient, lightweight engine designed to improve reliability and minimize cost of operation.

Five power ratings are available in the range from 325 to 425 hp. The engine provides impressive performance with excellent low-end torque for improved drivability. The new variable geometry turbo also makes the engine very responsive while improving fuel economy.

A 385 Eco-torque rating provides a “dual-personality” torque level for the regional highway carrier to provide the performance of a 1450 lb-ft engine, when needed with, the fuel economy of a 1250 lb-ft torque engine.

The Volvo D11 is sold in VN Daycabs, VAH auto haulers and VHDs making it the perfect choice for regional operations.

The engine delivers competitive performance compared to larger displacement engines with an impressive 405 hp and 1,550 lbs.ft. of torque, and provides lighter solution for maximizing fuel economy in regional, less than truckload (LTL) and distribution situations.

At 1500 rpm the optional I-VEB puts out an impressive 270 braking hp, with 440 braking hp at 2200 rpm, dwarfing many bigger engines’ brake performance. The I-VEB is controlled by a new brake stalk switch, allowing three engine-brake increments.

An oil drain interval of up to 35,000 miles helps to reduce operating costs. The Volvo D11 engine delivers a dependable, cost-effective solution — for a wide variety of short haul applications.


The Volvo D13 is a very fuel-efficient, powerful and lightweight engine, designed to meet current and future EPA regulations while improving reliability and lowering operating costs.

Fourteen power ratings are available in the range from 375 to 500 hp. The engine provides impressive performance with excellent low-end torque for improved drivability. The new variable geometry turbo also makes the engine very responsive while improving fuel economy.

Two XE ratings, six Eco-Torque and three Dual-Torque ratings provide “dual-personality” torque output for those customers who desire the high fuel economy of their lower torque levels with the strong performance of their higher outputs.

The Volvo D13 is sold in VN Daycabs and Sleepers, the VHD and the VAH, making it the perfect choice for line haul, regional and vocational operations.

At 1500 rpm the optional I-VEB puts out an impressive 350 braking hp, an improvement by more than 20% over our previous engine. At 2200 rpm, it absorbs 500 hp. The I-VEB is controlled by a new brake stalk switch, allowing three engine brake increments.

An oil drain interval of up to 35,000 miles helps in reducing operating costs. The Volvo D13 engine delivers a reliable, cost-effective and powerful solution in a light, high-performance package, for a wide variety of applications.

More savings for more applications.

The Volvo D13 Turbo Compound engine now offers fuel savings for a wider variety of applications than ever before. Fleets that run variable load applications, including tanker, bulk haul and flat-bed deliveries, can benefit from Volvo’s next-generation Turbo Compound system.

Energy is recaptured by the Turbo Compound unit from the engine’s exhaust gas. The extra power captured by the TC is returned to the drive train. The Volvo integrated driveline then uses extreme downspeeding to maintain road speed at lower RPM, saving even more fuel.

The D13 with Turbo Compounding is available from 405-455 hp with up to 1,850 lb-ft. of torque. The engine is available in nine different ratings and can be selected in a High Torque, Economy, Adaptive Gearing or Superdirect configuration. These engines work together with the Volvo I-Shift for maximum efficiency and performance by utilizing peak torque down to 900 RPM.


With ratings from 400-500 hp, and 1450-1850 lb-ft of torque, the X15 Efficiency Series is well suited for fleets in freight applications that require fuel economy and the benefits of bigger block architecture. The economy-focused engine is optimized to deliver peak torque at lower engine speeds and enable down-speeding without compromising driveability.


As the fueling infrastructure for natural gas becomes increasingly plentiful, more and more delivery, distribution and regional fleets are seeking to leverage the benefits of this fuel. Dedicated, factory-built, natural gas engines, the Cummins ISL G and ISX12 G are proven alternative-fuel solutions.


Our newest I-Shift makes drivers more productive, using intelligent electronics to continuously monitor grade, speed, weight, and engine load, shifting when necessary or holding a gear-whichever saves more fuel. So regardless of experience or training, I-Shift helps every driver become more fuel-efficient.


Volvo has made the industry’s most advanced automated transmission even better. The latest edition of the I-Shift includes upgraded hardware and software, greater durability and a new countershaft brake for improved performance and smoother shifting. The electronic control unit can handle any load and any road, shifting perfectly every time. We’ve also improved clutch durability and torsional dampening in both our D11 and D13 models. So I-Shift not only keeps fuel costs down, it can help slow driveline wear, reduce noise, extend transmission life, and lower maintenance costs.

Download an I-Shift brochure:
I-Shift Brochure


Explore How We Make a Difference

Volvo’s I-See option employs self-learning knowledge of road topography to work with I-Shift, optimizing the truck’s speed and gear-shifting in the most fuel-efficient way.

Combining efficiency and durability, the I-Shift for Severe Duty 12-speed automated manual transmission is designed for rigorous on/off-road work in construction and heavy-haul applications.

When steep-grade startability and low-speed maneuverability are critical, the I-Shift with Crawler Gears is the answer for maximum GCW loads, enabling controlled travel at extremely slow speeds.

“One-box” aftertreatment system offers smaller packaging and reduces weight by 17 pounds from previous systems. Provides better thermal encasing of exhaust energy, improves muffler efficiency.

It has never been easier to perform multiple tasks with your truck, thanks to Volvo’s power take-off (PTO).  With nine PTO offerings, Volvo offers the right combination for your application, no matter what body you operate or powered equipment you have to drive.  With the ability to provide PTO drive connections in three different positions (Front Engine PTO, Rear Engine PTO and Transmission Mounted PTO) for gear pumps, piston pumps or direct drive shaft connections, you’ll find the right match for your job.


Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Weight

Common-rail fuel injection
The unique design of Volvo’s common-rail fuel system delivers multiple benefits. Finer control allows quicker, more accurate fuel injection for improved fuel efficiency; while a clean installation improves reliability and dramatically reduces engine noise.

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Six-Pack Injector Kit
The Six-Pack Injector Kit for Volvo Reman D11, D12, D13, and D16 engines includes the latest design and engineering upgrades. All components are inspected for optimum quality, tolerance, and function. Our injectors produce maximum fuel atomization for complete combustion so you get more miles for your money.

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pto_278x228It’s never been easier to perform multiple tasks with your truck, thanks to the Volvo rear mounted engine power take-off. This clutch-independent design consists of a bearing housing that is mounted directly on the right rear side of the engine geartrain. Since the power is taken directly from the engine, this PTO can be utilized while the vehicle is being driven or stationary for maximum versatility. The power take-off has few moving parts for high performance and is specially suited to Volvo’s engines for high availability.

The Volvo Rear Mounted Engine PTO is designed for applications such as:

  • Dump truck
  • Crane equipped vehicle
  • Cement mixer
  • Refrigerator/freezer units
  • Container lift/load exchanger (roll-off)\
  • Refuse collection
  • Snow plow/sand spreader

Available with optional direct mount hydraulic pump. Mounting location is on the right rear side of engine geartrain, with the following hydraulic pump connections: DIN 5462 / ISO 7653.

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