2 reasons truckers need to ensure proper rig wheel alignment

Have you had your rig’s wheel alignment checked recently? When it comes to ensuring the safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness of a rig (or an entire trucking operation for that matter), there is one often overlooked aspect that holds an significant impact: wheel alignment. The importance of proper wheel alignment for truck drivers goes well beyond mere maintenance considerations… to smart operators, they see it as a strategic decision that impacts everything from safety to expenses.

In this blog post we’ll go over a few of the key and pivotal points that illustrate why wheel alignment needs to be an absolute priority for truck drivers and fleet operators.

  1. Tire longevity and safety

We will start by saying that the safety of truckers, along with everyone else on the road hinges on you having well-maintained equipment, and the very foundation of your equipment is your tire condition. Second, proper wheel alignment also plays a key role in preserving tire longevity, and while this implies an obvious safety reality, it also touches on financial implications as well. Even the slightest mis-alignment can (will) progressively wear down tires faster, causing premature tire deterioration thanks to the uneven friction. When you consider the cost of replacing tires (much less several of them), maintaining proper wheel alignment clearly becomes a smart financial move.

  1. Fuel efficiency and financial savings.

When was the last time fuel costs decreased (and stayed lower)? Fuel costs are a constant concern for truck drivers, and it is a foolish operator that doesn’t seek all possible methods of reducing fuel costs wherever possible. The next issue that comes from running with misaligned tires is increased fuel consumption… and that increased fuel consumption isn’t just a small amount! Research has shown vehicle misalignment can result in a fuel mileage decrease of up to 10 percent due to the drag of pushing tires pointing in different directions!

So unless you for some reason enjoy seeing that fuel needle move quickly to the downside, this is yet another major reason to get your alignment done. So when it comes to not only improving your safety, of both the personal kind, but also the safety of your financial situation as well, get that alignment done!

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