3 things you should know about the Volvo VNL

When it comes to Volvo heavy trucks at Gerry’s Truck Centre our biggest selling model is unquestionably the VNL.

The VNL line was originally introduced in 1996 and while back then, the VNL was a game changer, the model has steadily improved each and every year since them. Today’s VNL buyer, driver and owner has the reassurance that their new VNL has benefitted from two and a half decades of improvement and enhancements!

Here at Gerry’s, we have every confidence to comfortably state that todays VNL trucks are the best they’ve ever been!

Currently there are five vehicles in the VNL family:

  1. The VNL 860 – This is the flagship of the VNL lineup. Truly a home away from home in almost every sense!
  2. The VNL 760 – Probably the best selling model and perfect mix of value and features, all new cab introduced in 2018.
  3. The VNL 740 – The money saving option due to its mid-roof design is great for flatbed and tank operations giving aerodynamic efficiency!
  4. The VNL 400 – Versatile and priced right. A flat roof sleeper that’s great for regional hauls!
  5. The VNL 300 – The workhorse in the lineup. Great for short haul, out and back the same day runs. Fully capable spec it light to sever-duty!

While there is no shortage of features and benefits we could discuss when it comes to the VNL lineup, for today we’ll focus on three things, the engine, I-shift and uptime.

An engine for fuel efficiency like no other!

The D13 Turbo Compound engine, built in Hagerstown Maryland, is a truly inspired piece of engineering with technology only currently available in heavy trucks from Volvo. Volvo engineers have managed to increase fuel efficiency in part through the use of a waste heat recovery system which converts exhaust gas energy into mechanical energy. How much more fuel efficient you ask? Roughly 6.5% more efficient! Fuel efficiency numbers like that can leave thousands (if not tens of thousands) of extra dollars in your pocket at the end of a year from all the fuel savings.

Less wear and tear… on you!

You have probably driven a manual rig since your first haul. But if you want to have a much more relaxing ride, that allows you to focus more on the road and not feel like you’ve been through the grinder after a long day or hauling, you need to check out the Volvo I-shift automatic transmission.

VNL’s built with I-shift rate over 80% on Volvo trucks, this technology has been a huge success and has clearly proven the benefits it offers to drivers.

Best of all, much like most everything when it comes to the VNL lineup, the I-shift has also undergone ongoing improvements and enhancements. In fact, just recently Volvo has made adjustments that make the transmission smoother, more durable and even more efficient!

It is hard to make money when your rig isn’t running!

Volvo knows that at the end of the day, uptime is probably the most important metric for truckers, so they’ve went the extra mile to optimize durability and reliability. The Volvo Truck Uptime Center in Greensboro allows Volvo to track, analyze and measure what’s going on with each new truck each and every day.

This allows the Volvo team to anticipate problems before they happen, meaning less breakdowns, faster diagnosis and quicker turnarounds when issues do occur.

This has been referred to by people in the industry as the holy grail of diagnosing and unquestionably something that will help keep your fleet uptime at an enviable rate!


Owning a Volvo heavy truck, not only lets you enhance your company and provide your clients better services, they can also save you money, make your life easier as well as let you have more money making uptime. Whether you require Volvo truck parts or the entire truck itself to give you more chances of meeting your customers’ demands, you can look forward to achieving good things from purchasing a Volvo vehicle.

Are you looking for a Volvo truck dealer in London, Ontario? Gerry’s Truck Centre is a trusted heavy truck dealer offering various brands, models, parts, and services to people in need. We are licensed technicians that can provide our assistance to your vehicle. Browse our inventory for our latest deals!

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