5 Truck Issues That Can Become Bigger (& More Expensive!) Problems If They’re Not Fixed?

Your rig is your livelihood, it is your “home away from home”, work office and so much more.

If you take care of it, it should take care of you.

If you don’t take care of it, it will likely repay you with thousands of dollars in repair costs, costly down time and grief.

Here are 5 quick issues you should never ignore.

Number one, an overheating engine. An overheating engine can lead to engine failure.

If you have a hot running engine, get it in for service immediately.

Number two, starter failure. Starter failures become more common in cold weather, and are definitely something you shouldn’t ignore.

Number three, brake issues. These are a common issue for truckers year round. The causes can be numerous, ranging from brake fluid leaks right through to full on brake failure. (Fortunately modern trucks should only lose partial performance in brake failures).

Number four, U-joint failures. Your U-joints need to be lubricated to minimize wear and tear. If you hear clicking sounds, or feel vibration at higher speeds, that could be indicative of a U-joint issue that should not be ignored.

And finally, number five, wheel bearing issues. If you are noticing increased wheel well noise, that could be a sign of deteriorating wheel bearings.

As with most things mechanical, by ignoring any of these issues, you can quickly transition from a minimal nuisance to an expensive repair.

As one of the most popular truck manufacturing companies in the world, Volvo has met, or exceeded the trucking industries needs for the better part of one hundred years!

With a relentless focus on driver protection, comfort and performance, Volvo has become the rig of choice for countless heavy truck drivers, fleets and trucking companies.

Gerrys Truck Centre in London Ontario has been a Volvo truck dealer for over 30 years. We offer sales of new and used (pre-owned rigs) as well as parts and service, and pride ourselves on top quality service.

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