An Unexpected Way Heavy Truck/ Rig Drivers Can Reduce Fuel Costs

Of all the variable costs that truckers face, fuel is all but guaranteed to be the most severe one of the batch.

It is said that at one point, fuel was “cheap”.

Well, if fuel really ever was “cheap”, it certainly hasn’t been in recent memory… which brings us to the topic of this article.

How can heavy truck/ rig drivers reduce fuel costs?

Well we have a surprising way we are going to share with you that will reduce the merciless fuel costs that wreak havoc on your pocket book.

Here it is… reduce unnecessary idling.

Sounds too simple? Too basic?

Many (most) drivers never think of the fuel costs involved in unnecessary idling.

Studies have shown that just ten seconds of idling actually burns MORE fuel than the act of ignition, and that’s even when you allow for the fact that you’re not moving your rig.

Now while this is a simple concept to grasp, many truckers may come to the conclusion that this is easier said than done.

To this, you are right, and you are wrong.

Naturally it is impossible to eliminate idling all together (you’re idling at a stop light), but the nice thing about what we are suggestion today is that we don’t have to reduce idling by 80 or 90% to make a difference.

Something as small as a 10% idling reduction can reduce annual fuel costs by hundreds of dollars.

Often just by being made aware of the impact that idling has, (such as you now are thanks to this article) truckers can modify their habits to reduce idle time by that 10%, or more.

But we do have a few extra suggestions we can provide to further increase your idling reductions.

Quite a bit of idling is done for reasons related to creature comforts such as air conditioning and heating, (no one wants to swelter or freeze), but there are options here without exposing yourself to uncomfortable temperatures.

  1. Park in the shade whenever possible on hot days.
  2. Get bunk curtains. These not only help keep the heat out, but the warmth in.
  3. Equip your vehicle with battery powered auxiliary air conditioning and heater units.

Really, just by that fact that you are now more aware of the impact unnecessary idling has on your fuel consumption, you should be able to modify your behaviour to easily hit a 10% reduction (or more).

We’ll leave you with the following thought. Every second you reducing idling means less money at the pump and more in your pocket!

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