As winter turns to summer what should truckers do to keep their rigs running properly?

Its that time of the year again. Winter falls away and summer comes to stay! (Well it stays for a little while anyways 😉 Each year when this transition comes, is vital for truck drivers to take a look at certain things on their rigs to ensure that they are in good condition for the seasonal change and warmth it brings. Today we’ll go into some of the maintenance tasks each truck driver and rig operator should think about diving into to help keep your rig running smoothly.

Lets start with your wheels, more specifically your tires. When seasons change (so yes, this will apply in the fall), you need to check your tires for the correct air pressure. As the warmer summer weather arrives it causes tire pressure to expand and increase, so you’ll want to make sure that your tires are not overinflated, which can cause everything from uneven tire wear, reduced traction, tire blow outs and more. Next, while you’re checking the tire pressure, have a look to see if any of the tires are showing excessive wear or damage and may need to be replaced. While this isn’t the most enjoyable task you can do, it is a simple thing that can drastically reduce your risk of tire issues.

Next, unless you enjoy roasting in a smoking hot truck cab, you’ll want to test your air conditioning system to make sure its working as intended. Again, while you are doing this, take a moment and check the cabin air filter and even coolant levels to ensure all cooling and ventilation elements are ready to serve you over the warm summer months. Now, take some time and give your rig a good scrubbing. There is no better time to remove winter salt, grime and debris from your rig. This will not only make your ride look better, but it will also pay dividends long term as it helps reduce rust, corrosion and premature wear and tear.

Really work on cleaning the undercarriage as well as areas like wheel wells which take the brunt of the road salt accumulation.

Further to this, take a moment to inspect battery terminals and cables for any corrosion or visibly weak spots that can compromise battery performance and or cause electrical issues at some point in the future. So there you have it. Some quick and easy tasks (okay, cleaning the undercarriage and wheel wells may take some time) that will help ensure your rig is running strong all summer long.

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