Commercial Trucks and the 4 Diverse Industries That Use Them

Regardless of what business you are in, running a successful operation requires having the proper equipment to face the demands of your business model, and more importantly your customers. 

While for some businesses, these demands can be achieved through the use of innovative software or specialized equipment and machinery, in many cases the most versatile tool a business can invest in to “get the job done” involves either purchasing, renting or leasing a commercial or heavy truck. More importantly, the truck fits its purpose best.


Commercial trucks’ role in various industries

Commercial (or heavy) trucks can be used in many ways, but their primary role, not surprisingly, involves simply hauling a large number of materials, products or items from one place to another. However basic the concept of “hauling” may be, it is a wildly diverse group of businesses from a variety of business sectors with very different needs, that use commercial trucks for this purpose to generate their revenue stream and satisfy their logistics and transportation.

In this article, we share four diverse industries (two you will expect and two you likely won’t) that utilize commercial trucks for their operation.

1. Laundry services

Not surprisingly, wet and dirty uniforms, clothing, floor mats, linens etc., not only get very heavy, very quickly, they can also take up enormous amounts of space. Thankfully heavy and commercials trucks come in many different sizes and dimensions. This allows organizations such as a laundry service, which tend to be local businesses that cater to nearby residents and commercial districts, the flexibility of picking exactly the right vehicle for the task at hand in a matter that fits their budget and current scope of business.

2. Moving services

While a commercial truck can be used to carry heavy laundry, it’s no surprise to anyone that it is fit to haul moving boxes and furniture. A moving company isn’t complete without a fleet of reliable and regularly maintained trucks at its disposal. This is why it’s an excellent business move for a moving company to partner with local trucking companies for their fleet of heavy or commercial trucks. While loading, transporting, and unloading furniture is hard work, the use of heavy trucks from local companies can effectively make the needs of a moving company, who deal with everything from office to family moves more consistent.

3. Chemical suppliers

Having space and load capacity in a rig isn’t the only factors that make businesses require from a heavy truck; they can also handle fragile chemicals that are necessary materials for different manufacturing industries. Businesses that range from healthcare facilities to swimming pool companies, right through to the construction industry need to have access to bulk quantities of chemicals to operate their services effectively. For this reason, trucks and haulers need to have not only the training and experience, but also the ideal heavy truck itself to handle these products with the proper care and safety.

4. Appliance deliveries

Much like chemical substances, but for a moderately different reason, hauling appliances is also an industry in which safely delivering the product without any damage is a priority. To function in this industry, it’s important that vendors have a reliable and properly maintained fleet of trucks for its logistical needs.



A successful business owner knows how to grow their enterprise through partnerships. Besides prioritizing sales and customer engagement, it’s important to have a great relationship with the proper vehicle resource company, so that you can keep your products and services rolling at all times. The last thing any business that relies on its trucks needs is downtime, because if you’re not rolling, you’re probably not earning.

At Gerry’s Truck Centre Ltd., we specialize in providing our clients with the best trucks, quality parts, and effective customer service for any and all of their trucking needs, no matter how diverse of an industry you operate in. Even amidst COVID-19, we maintain a swift, safe, and effective operation for all our clients. If you need a heavy-duty truck dealer in London, ON, call our toll-free number at 1-800-363-4380. 

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