Common Reasons Your Rig Can Overheat

If your rig is overheating, that is definitely something you do not want to ignore.

An overheat rig is potentially a sign of issues that if left untended to, can have catastrophic implications to your rig and pocketbook!

And when we say catastrophic, we aren’t kidding.

Temperature control in big rigs absolutely critical in big rigs.

An overheating engine can cause everything from premature wear and tear right through to outright engine failure.

But what causes an overheating rig? While there are many causes, there definitely are some more common culprits.

– a blown head gasket,
– a failing water pump,
– a coolant leak,
– a bad radiator,
– or even something as simple as a bad radiator cap.

Having said all of that, possibly the most common cause would be a stuck thermostat.

If a thermostat is stuck, (regardless as to whether it is stuck open, closed, or even opening at the wrong temperature) this quickly causes your rig to overheat.

Often when we are diagnosing overheating rigs the first thing we look at is the thermostat to see if it is functioning properly.

So now that we’ve discussed the severity, and causes of overheating rigs, is there a way to reduce your likelihood of experiencing an overheat?

At Gerry’s Truck Centre we always suggest that truckers should check their radiator before every route for any leaks, keep fluids high and deal with any issues immediately.

And further to that if your rig does start to overheat while you are driving, get off the road as soon as you safely can and call a mobile mechanic to come look at it.

As one of the most popular truck manufacturing companies in the world, Volvo has met, or exceeded the trucking industries needs for the better part of one hundred years!

With a relentless focus on driver protection, comfort and performance, Volvo has become the rig of choice for countless heavy truck drivers, fleets and trucking companies.

Gerry’s Truck Centre in London Ontario has been a Volvo truck dealer for over 30 years. We offer sales of new and used (pre-owned rigs) as well as parts and service, and pride ourselves on top quality service.

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