Custom order different fuel efficiency options on Volvo rigs

Truck drivers have their priorities.


For most their top priority will be safety (hopefully), but immediately after that will most likely be mileage… as in getting as much fuel mileage as possible! It doesn’t take a genius to know that the further you can go on a single tank of fuel means your job will be easier, you’ll probably get home sooner and make more money in the process! Thankfully the engineering team at Volvo is completely onboard with this and has you covered when it comes to increasing the mileage your Volvo rig can travel on a tank of diesel.

Hence Volvo offers various fuel efficiency packages on their rigs.

These are optional packages that can be added to optimize its fuel efficiency by focusing on both aerodynamics as well as powertrain technologies in a comprehensive package. As mentioned, the key thing to know is that these packages reduce the amount of fuel you burn which means you keep more dollars in your pocket. Something every trucker benefits from.

So how does it work?

You start with the baseline Volvo VNR. Before you even add any of the packages to it, know that the VNR comes with several efficiency-based technologies that are designed to minimize fuel costs, but there are 3 optional levels that are available above the base package.

What are the differences between the packages?

Volvo engineers have built these from the concept of a comprehensive vehicle from both powertrain and aerodynamics that integrates the engine, transmission, axle, fairings and more. The “Plus package” includes Volvo’s game changing D13 TC engine. This is then combined with Volvo’s I-See predictive cruise control along with airflow deflectors, fairings and low rolling resistance tires. This package delivers a fuel savings of up to 4%. Next, you have the optional “Advanced TC package”. This has all of the elements in the “plus package” and adds other elements such as mirror arm wind deflectors, extended chassis fairings with ground effects, and roof trim tabs. This package increases the fuel efficiency by up to 12%

Finally depending upon the cab model, you can step up to the “Xceed package” which offers up to 16% better fuel economy. Again, this includes everything in both the “Plus package” as well as the “Advanced TC package” but then goes on to add more advanced TX features, a FlowBelow Aerokit, an optimized wheelbase for closer trailer gap to that helps reduce drag.

So, if you’re interested in driving for more profit, talk to the team at Gerrys Truck Centre about one of these money saving packages!

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