Free & immediate things you can do to reduce fuel costs… TODAY!

Thanks to a truck load of various factors (see what we did there ;-), fuel costs have gone through the roof!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are painfully aware of the realities of fuel inflation and the devastating implications it has on your bank account. So with fuel prices through the roof, are truckers helpless to the financial ravages of exorbitant fuel prices?

Not at all.

It’s true that truck drivers can’t do much about the wars, taxes and corporate profits that have only served to increase fuel prices, but there are steps they can take to dramatically reduce how much fuel they use, which allows them in turn to save a fortune. Today we’ll share some immediate and best of all free things you as a heavy truck driver can do to reduce your fuel consumption.

First, many truck drivers (and drivers in general) are completely unaware of the increased fuel consumption that an even remotely heavy right foot causes. Simply put, the faster you drive, the more fuel you burn (and you don’t have to be a speed demon to be burning way more fuel than you need to). Studies show that by just increasing your driving speed from around 90 kilometres per hour to 105 kilometres per hour, you will burn up to 15% more fuel!

Stop reading this article right here and you now have a fast, free and immediate act you can take to substantially reduce your fuel costs. Anyone, particularly a truck driver that can fuel consumption by 15% will save a fortune in fuel costs over a year. Thats all money that a small change can allow you keep in your pocket and not the gas companies/ tax mans.

Another act you can take today is to plan in advance with the goal of reducing out of route kilometres. By taking a moment before each and every trip and delivery to map out the most direct and efficient path possible you’ll reduce who knows how much unnecessary fuel expenditures.

Every trucker has found themselves on deliveries that has run them here, there and everywhere burning fuel the entire time. Finally, reduce idling time. If your rig is running, your fuel bill is increasing.

No you can not eliminate idling 100% (its not realistic to shut your rig off at each red light), but there are countless times you can reduce your idling time. Just by turning off our rig during deliveries, and not allowing for extended cab warm up (or cool down) time, you can make a big dent into your fuel burn and free up some more money into your pocket.

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