How can truckers or trucking fleets get a handle on expenses?

As anyone responsible with the management of truckers and fleets will undoubtedly be aware of, is that keeping a handle and control of expenses is absolutely necessary to maintain profitability and operational efficiency.

What many of those people who are managing fleets may not be aware of is that Volvo Trucks actually offers a solution to help tackle one of the most unpredictable aspects of running a fleet: vehicle maintenance costs. Today we’ll discuss how Volvo vehicle maintenance contracts can provide truckers with peace of mind, stable pricing and financial flexibility. To start with, Volvo realizes that each trucker and fleet’s needs vary greatly, so from this they have developed various programs which can be tailored to the individual customer and their requirements.

So regardless as to whether you are an single owner operator or manage and control a large fleet, or your business model is local dump truck operations or long haul business, Volvo has a program that will work for you. The programs are all offered through authorized dealers (like Gerrys Truck!) who then manage the maintenance process with the goal of helping to reduce customers internal expenses. Often one of the biggest challenges in managing truck expenses is the volatile maintenance costs. Whether you consider ever changing oil prices or parts, these can quickly impact a fleets budget, especially when you consider varying market condition as well as where each service location actually is.

But with Volvo’s vehicle maintenance contracts, all pricing is secured and nailed down at the beginning of the contract period and is guaranteed (yes guaranteed) for the entire duration of the agreement. By having this in place, it now allows you as the fleet manager or owner operator to have stability and predictability when it comes to budgeting and any unwelcome surprises. Beyond this, in addition to stable pricing Volvo’s vehicle maintenance contracts offer further assistance via financing options. So now this allows businesses to allocate resources more effectively and at the same time know that all the maintenance needs are met.

So in an industry where managing expenses is crucial to success, Volvo’s vehicle maintenance contracts offer a level of stability, predictability and financial assistance that allow you to only have smoother operations, but also improved profitability.


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