How long does it take to charge a Volvo electric rig… and how long does a charge last?

So as the world realized it was transitioning from electric cars are progressively replacing fuel engined cars, truckers knew that electric heavy trucks and rigs wouldn’t be far behind. And they weren’t. But not surprisingly, the mass transition from diesel rigs to electric rigs has been slower than it has been with cars. Having said that, as they say, it’s just a matter of when… not if.

As heavy truckers progressively make the change from diesel engines to electric, two questions frequently come up from our customers when it comes to electrified heavy trucks and rigs.

  1. How long does it take to charge a full size electric rig?
  2. How far does a charged electric rig go?

Naturally both of these answers depend on a few variables.

To answer question number one, depending upon how many batteries a Volvo heavy truck is equipped with (there can currently be up to 3), and whether you charge with AC or DC current (DC is faster), it takes about ninety minutes to fast charge up to 80% capacity. For question number two, again, many variables come into play, but Volvo testing shows up to three hundred kilometres from a full charge. The battery packs can produce up to five hundred and forty kilowatt hours.

Also, it should be mentioned, as you apply the brakes in Volvo electric trucks, excess energy is recovered and used to recharge the batteries.

In addition to all of the above, to minimize gear changes, Volvo’s game changing I-Shift automatic transmission always starts in the highest gear possible. Under heavy loads or in uphill scenarios, the I-shift technology will start in lower gears. Both of these strategies further reduce, or maximize energy usage and ensure longer driving times. When it comes to choosing a heavy rig, Volvo has consistently shown itself as one of the most popular truck manufacturing companies. Volvo meets, or exceeds truckers needs, and they’ve been doing it for almost a century!

Thanks to their drive and focus on trucker comfort, protection and rig performance, Volvo has fast earned the primary choice for heavy truck drivers, fleets and trucking companies when it comes to a dependable high performance vehicle.  For over three decades, Gerrys Truck Centre in London Ontario has been the Volvo heavy truck dealer of choice. For everything from sales of new and used (pre-owned rigs) as well as parts and service, and pride ourselves on top quality service.

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