How Volvo is working to ensure their electric trucks are safer in the event of accidents

As they say, accidents happen. This is a reality of life and thankfully most accidents are not a big deal… but when heavy trucks and rigs have accidents, their size and dimensions quickly turn even small incidents into a big deal. Thankfully Volvo is aware of this and spends quite a bit of time, energy and money to engineer their rigs so that they offer a higher degree of safety for everyone on the mean streets we all traverse.

Today we’ll discuss some of the ways Volvo is working to ensure their electric trucks are safer in the event of an accident.

Let’s start by touching on a longstanding fact. Volvo has always prioritized driver and rig safety. There is a reason Volvo’s have always been characterized and being as durable as tanks… they’ve earned it.But as we all know, electric rigs are a completely different animal in countless ways than their internal combustion engine counterparts. There are many new considerations that must be taken into account. Because of this, while ALL Volvo trucks go through incredibly tough testing, their electric truck testing goes to another level.

To get to that other level, they simulate all types of traffic accidents and collisions. For example the impact of a car crashing into the side of the truck, or one running into the rear of another rig. Volvo has videos of the actual crash tests, and it is remarkable to see how little impact there is to batteries themselves during these collisions or how the crumple zones absorb massive amounts of the impact forces. A key focus for Volvo is to ensure that in the event of an accident are the batteries. The goal is to ensure that they not only stay in place, but are also at a reduced risk of fire, chemical leakage as well as other electrical hazards.

But Volvo, as usual has gone above and beyond to consider even the small details. Not everything in an accident revolves around reinforced frames or structures, so in the event of a roll over, the high voltage system switches off. This simple but ingenious modification again helps make Volvo electric rigs safer.

So we can all rest assured that when it comes to truck and rig safety, Volvo is doing their best!

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