How Volvo Truck Cabs are built to help keep you safer

When it comes to regular automobiles, Volvo cars have reputations of being built like tanks when it comes to their overall safety.

“Take anything you can throw at them” kind of thing.

But do Volvo heavy trucks follow suit? In a word, absolutely! It all starts with a goal, and Volvo’s goal was to help truckers avoid accidents. In part to accomplish this, Volvo has developed several special technologies that help improve driver and general safety with things such as their Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST), I-Shift technology, Volvo Active Driver Assist (VADA) as well as others. But the unfortunate reality is no vehicle on the road is guaranteed to be safe at all times, no matter how much technology or how many safety features are incorporated. Accidents do (and probably always will) happen. Thankfully Volvo accepted With this reality in mind it which led them to develop as well as incorporate several safety features that in the event of an actual collision or accident, are designed to help make the driver safer.

First there is something called the Swedish Cab Impact Test. Simply put this test is the toughest safety test in the world. The Swedish Cab Impact Test is a test that is designed to simulate the damage from a front rollover crash. Volvo heavy trucks are designed to exceed it. This is accomplished in part thanks to the fact that the entire Volvo driver cab is constructed using high strength steel unlike other manufactures who may use aluminum with steel only in the anchor points. The high strength steel Volvo uses in their cabs offers the industry’s highest strength to weight ratio available. This helps protect the rig driver by absorbing as much crash energy as possible.

If and when there is a front collision, the engine and transmission are designed to collapse down, and not into the cab. Volvo is the only class 8 manufacturer to make drivers side airbags standard… in every truck, and they even offer something called Rolltek seats which in part lowers the seats to increase survival space. As impressive as all of this is, there are several other elements and features in Volvo Trucks that enhance safety, but the things mentioned today should give you an idea why the Volvo cab has been referred to as the most robust cab on the road.

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