How Volvo’s I Shift transmission and even transmission fluid save truckers money

Has the time for gear jamming finally come to a close?

Hey, we get it, some people love the act of shifting for themselves, but the fact is that there is a better option available.

Volvo’s I-shift transmission.

Lets quickly touch on some of the benefits that any automatic transmission offers when compared to manual before delving into some specifics of the Volvo I-shift transmission.


  1. They’re easier to use on a daily basis, particularly in congested traffic or city driving.


  1. Automatic transmissions are less physically demanding and can help reduce fatigue and improve comfort.


  1. Automatic transmissions can have longer lifespans and may require less maintenance over the course of their life, saving you money.


  1. They can save on fuel costs (more on this later), particularly in stop-and-go traffic.


Now lets discuss Volvo’s I-shift transmission itself. The I-shift transmission is the industries most advanced automated manual transmission. Its ingenious use of intelligent electronics continuously monitors grade, speed, weight and engine load to determine the best time to shift. This makes driving much easier, and it also improves fuel economy by up to 10% when compared to manual transmissions. This is a massive amount of fuel savings.

Here are some of the features/ benefits I-shift offers.


  1. Predictive shifting: Thanks to GPS data, the I-Shift transmission can use information about the terrain and load to optimize shifting patterns which allows it to minimize fuel consumption.


  1. Automatic clutch: The I-Shift transmission uses an automatic clutch. This is a benefit because it helps to reduce clutch wear and tear and can even extend the transmissions lifespan. This can save money on both maintenance as well as future replacement costs.


  1. Eco-roll: The I-Shift transmission’s Eco-roll feature allows the truck to coast with the engine off when traveling downhill, saving fuel.


Further to point number 2 above, thanks to its design, the I-shift transmission requires minimal service and maintenance. In fact most truckers typically only have to change the transmission fluid every 800,000 kilometres. One thing you will want to do to maximize these benefits is use Volvo’s OEM I-shift transmission fluid. It was formulated specifically to maximize the potential fuel benefits of the I-shift transmission, as well as other benefits such as faster starts, smoother shifts, reduce wear during cold starts, better extreme load protection and more.

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