If you have a Volvo rig issue, can dealers across Canada help get you rolling (& earning) again?

As a truck driver one of the worst things that can happen is when your rig is down due to a service or technical issue. Rigs that aren’t running, aren’t earning… and thats always a problem. Volvo as a company understands this and places a high priority on ensure that Volvo drivers have access to mechanical assistance Canada wide.

While the team at Gerry’s Truck Centre in London and Woodstock are ready and able to help you with any problem or issue you have with your Volvo rig (or almost any other heavy truck manufacturer), we’re often asked, what happens if your somewhere else in Canada? Will another Volvo dealer be able to help get you rolling and earning again?

Great question and the answer is yes!

Volvo has an extensive network across Canada ready to help Volvo truck owners and drivers. When you consider all the various dealer types, which include everything from full line Volvo dealership to parts and service dealers and finally the satellite dealers, Volvo has you covered in almost every single Canadian province, and from coast to coast. Further to this, with the exception of  Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Prince Edward Island, every other province has at a minimum of 2 dealers and some have upwards of thirty!

When it comes to how many dealers are we actually talking about, at last count there are over eighty of the various aforementioned dealerships. Breaking those numbers down a bit more, there are over 20 dealerships which are full line dealers, over 50 which are parts and service dealers and the balance are satellite dealers. So the advantage that comes from this is clear, by choosing to drive a Volvo rig, you know that if you’re in Canada know that if you’re driving a Volvo rig in Canada, you will have a support group to keep you rolling almost anywhere you have an issue across our great country!

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