Is service done at Gerry’s covered North America wide?

When truckers have their rigs serviced at Gerry’s, in either London or Woodstock, a common concern is what happens if an issue arises while they are far away.

In this blog post, we will explore how Gerry’s, as a Volvo dealer, provides warranty coverage for repairs and parts. We’ll also discuss the extensive network of Volvo dealers across North America, ensuring that you are never far from help if and when you need it.One of the great advantages of choosing a dealership like Gerry’s for service is the warranty coverage that is offered. Since both Gerry’s locations are Volvo dealers, any repairs or parts provided at Gerry’s are backed by warranty.

Here’s the best part: this warranty extends beyond the local dealership. Any Volvo dealer in North America will honor the warranty for work done at either of Gerry’s locations. As there are roughly four hundred dealers (and thousands of service locations) across the continent, finding assistance for your rig is highly accessible. The Volvo Uptime Network (a system designed to maximize vehicle uptime and minimize disruptions for Volvo truck owners through a network that works to provide real-time monitoring, diagnostics, and support for Volvo trucks on the road.) takes service efficiency to the next level.

Connected Volvo dealers have access to real-time performance data from your vehicle, even while it’s in transit for assessment. So before your truck even arrives at the service location, the dealer will likely have valuable insights into the issue and necessary repairs. With this information at hand, the dealer can quickly develop a plan that will help get you back on the road as soon as possible. Gerry’s commitment to providing exceptional service and warranty coverage offers truckers peace of mind wherever their travels may take them. Regardless of how far you may be from Gerry’s, the extensive network of Volvo dealers ensures that there is almost always a reliable service location nearby.

Gerry’s, as a trusted Volvo dealer, not only offers reliable service but also ensures that warranty coverage extends across North America. With a vast network of Volvo dealers and the power of real-time data, truckers can rest assured that their rigs will be promptly and efficiently attended to, no matter where their routes take them.

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