Is there a future in trucking?

Few if anyone with a solid head on their shoulders would argue the value of education.


By getting the right education, you not only learn a new skill set, more importantly you set yourself up for a career, which is a key element of having a successful and fulfilling life. Unfortunately however, sometimes the education individuals acquire, with the hopes of getting a job and career fall well short of delivering. So the question that should always be asked before embarking on a given education path, is how much opportunity is there in the field I am preparing myself for?

Apparently anyone asking that question who is currently considering a career in trucking won’t likely be disappointed. Recent stats shows the trucking industry currently facing a massive, and we do mean massive, shortage of commercial truck drivers.

On top of this it looks like this issue will only be getting worse over the next few years. How bad is it? Consider the following. Recently trucking industry representatives stated that the trucking industry could be short by 55,000 drivers by the end of 2023. 55,000… by the end of 2023!

By any measure this is a serious situation. North America needs more truck drivers, and it needs them now. Truckers move everything. Do you have it, want it or need it? Odds are a trucker brought it. The implications of a trucker shortage of this magnitude is terrifying.

The shortage is so acute that retired drivers are even being lured back into the fold just to satisfy some of the ever growing demand. Now for the positive side of this.

While this is a serious issue, it doesn’t take a genius to see that this also opens up an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in having a career in the transportation industry. There is clearly going to be no shortage of demand and job opportunities for people licensed to drive heavy truck.

The implication of this is obvious. If you get your heavy truck license, you’ll not only immediately be in demand, but you’ll be on the fast track to a career and a brilliant future.

Next question you are probably wondering?

How complicated is it getting a heavy truck license? The local training centers or colleges have programs to easily guide candidates to successful certification. There is also employer sponsorship programs to offset the program tuition (costs).

Certification can be achieved within 115 hours of full or part time training so about six months. How many highly in demand careers can you be job ready for in 6 months?

So if you’re someone who is drawn to the open road, and a wide open successful future, the trucking industry needs you!

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