Keeping Warm on the Road: The Benefits of Auxiliary Heaters for Rigs

While everyone in Canada and northern colder climates has to deal with winter conditions, few are as familiar with the necessity of navigating cold weather conditions as truck drivers. For truck drivers staying warm and comfortable in the cab and sleeper compartment is essential and can even become a matter of mortality.

Thankfully we live in a world where auxiliary heaters exist. Today we’re going to try and shed some light on the benefits of these cab warming devices, and perhaps we’ll even make a case that every trucker on the road (or at least those who spend any time in cold climates) should consider investing in one.

Auxiliary heaters as we all know are built with one purpose, to provide heat to the cab and sleeper compartment of a truck without the need to run the main engine. These heaters have the ability to keep the environment inside the truck warm and comfortable as the temperature dips.

One question the team at Gerrys truck is often asked is… where does the power for these heaters come from?

In the majority of the cases, auxiliary heaters will use diesel fuel as their energy source. They are connected to the truck’s fuel tank, and this allows them to draw fuel from the main diesel supply. This allows truckers to stay warm without idling the engine, which helps not only saving fuel but also reducing emissions. (This is another “side benefit” of auxiliary heaters, that being they provide a more environmentally sustainable option).

In addition to fuel efficiency, many auxiliary heaters come equipped with features that enhance their functionality. One such feature is an automatic start-stop function. The unit can start when the temperature inside the cab or sleeper drops below a set level and automatically shut off when the desired temperature is reached. This not only ensures optimal comfort but also eliminates the need for manual adjustments, allowing truckers to focus on the road ahead.

Furthermore, advancements in technology have led to even more convenient features in auxiliary heaters. Many of the newest units come with Bluetooth function, which allows them to be controlled directly from a cell phone. This added convenience allows truckers to adjust the temperature settings and monitor the heater’s operation with ease, all from the palm of their hand.

So there you have it! Auxiliary heaters give truckers a way to stay  warm, comfortable and content on those cold and chilly nights. Best of all they do this in fuel sensitive manner which not only helps your pocketbook, but also the environment. When you combine this with their creature comforts such as automatic start-stop functions and Bluetooth control, these heaters quickly become a must have for truckers.

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