One Free Way Truckers Can Save Some Money (And One That Costs Money)

Anyone who has spent any time in a rig appreciates the impact that fuel mileage has on their bottom line.

As any trucker will quickly attest, fuel costs a fortune in big rigs.

While there isn’t a lot of good news in this reality, there is a silver lining, if you can improve your fuel mileage, you can add thousands to your bottom line.

Here are two things heavy truck drivers can do to save fuel costs… one of which you can do for free, and the other requires a (very worthwhile) investment.

The free option…

Drive slower. Studies have shown that cruising at 75 mph burns 27% more fuel than cruising at 65 mph.

Another study found that driving 65 mph burns 20% more than driving at 55 mph.

WOW! Whether you realize it or not, you now understand how with a simple FREE change in your behaviour, you could easily save you thousands, if not tens of thousands annually.

If you own or manage a fleet of drivers, the fuel savings would be monumental!

Truckers who religiously cruise at 55 mph save a fortune in fuel costs over those cruising at 75 mph!

The (worthwhile) investment…

Improve your aerodynamics.

For every foot gap that is reduced between your tractor and trailer, the drag decreases by almost 3%.

Full roof fairings can even increase fuel mileage by up to 10%.

Whether this sounds like a lot or not to you, studies have shown that for every 10% in air drag reduction, your miles per gallon increase by 5%.

Again, this can easily become thousands of dollars over time in savings.

In many cases, we have found that by adding these aerodynamic benefits to a vehicle, you can easily offset the costs it requires to purchase and install them, inside of one year!

As one of the most popular truck manufacturing companies in the world, Volvo has met, or exceeded the trucking industries needs for the better part of one hundred years!

With a relentless focus on driver protection, comfort and performance, Volvo has become the rig of choice for countless heavy truck drivers, fleets and trucking companies.

Gerrys Truck Centre in London Ontario has been a Volvo truck dealer for over 30 years. We offer sales of new and used (pre-owned rigs) as well as parts and service, and pride ourselves on top quality service.

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