Should You Buy a New or Used Heavy Truck

Even trucking businesses that have been in the industry for decades can struggle with whether they are better to invest in a new truck, or a slightly pre-owned or used vehicle. While there are many considerations when it comes to this, and each scenario is unique, here are some things that may help you determine which path is best for you.


Why You Should Buy a New Truck

If new and used vehicles were to all cost the same amount of money, there likely wouldn’t be any need for this article, however as we all know, there is a clear price difference. In the majority of instances, this extra cost is the main driver that causes people to buy used trucks instead of new ones.

On the surface, yes, buying a brand-new truck is more expensive, but as anyone who has ever purchased a used vehicle can attest, in some cases that additional cost for new is well worth it.

Here are a couple significant benefits that can help you determine whether new or used is better for you:

  • If you ask 100 new vehicle purchasers why they are buying new overused, the most common reason they are doing so because that there is virtually zero wear and tear on it. Vehicles, particularly heavy trucks, live a hard life and nothing on a heavy truck/ rig can or will last forever. By purchasing a new vehicle, you know you will get the maximum possible life span out of each component on that vehicle. 
  • When it comes to purchasing a used vehicle, there is also the issue of “what’s lurking in this vehicle that is going to cost me unexpected expense?” As you are the first person to use a new rig, there should be no surprises, at least when it comes to misuse or abuse waiting for you. Buying a new truck essentially means you have complete knowledge (and control) of your vehicle’s history. Past, present and future.
  • Who doesn’t love that new vehicle smell, feel and experience? A heavy truck isn’t like a daily commuter car. It is your business, office, lunch room and even your bedroom. You have a right to want to be in a new vehicle if only for comfort and familiarity’s sake.
  • And the final point for today on why you should buy a new truck, your purchase is likely to be more assured of giving you a longer life of use for one reason: It comes with a warranty. If your truck does have some issues, since it is new and comes with a warranty, you have a degree of assurance that once those issues surface, they will be dealt with at no extra cost to you (within the time frames and limitations of the warranty). The day to day demands for heavy trucks trucking is not an easy one. Trucks are exposed to different types of road conditions, varying weather, heavy loads and more. Having a warranty can give you genuine peace of mind, that your massive investment will be protected.


Why You Should Buy a Used Truck

Here are some of the perks you might get from buying a good used truck:

  • The most obvious and immediate benefit is it is costs less because you are not paying for the depreciation: Every year, the value of a truck depreciates. That means that brand new truck you buy today will cost less in five years. This offers up a huge opportunity for cost savings for you if you can find a truck that has been properly maintained and cared for.
  • Buying a used truck does not necessarily mean you are getting a headache and money pit. For decades now, the quality and durability of vehicles has consistently improved. If you are fortunate to find a quality used truck, which isn’t as hard to do as it may have been in years past, you can absolutely save a ton of money. At the end of the day, trucks are referred to as “heavy-duty vehicles” for a reason, they are designed to last and remain robust even after years of use.



Your trucks are your primary assets for your business. Whether you want a brand-new truck or a used one, you need to ensure that it can give you the service you need. Weigh the pros and cons before making your decision and base your decision on your current business performance.

Whether you decide to buy used or purchase a new truck, here at Gerry’s Truck Centre Ltd. we can help you. We are a heavy truck dealer in London and Woodstock, Ontario, that also provides heavy truck parts for repairs. If you want to know more about our new, or pre-owned heavy trucks, call our toll-free number at 1-800-363-4380.

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