Signs Your Heavy Truck Or Rigs Brakes Need To Be Repaired.

Probably safe to say that we don’t need to explain how important it is for truck drivers to have brakes that are in excellent working condition and performing at a high level.

Okay, we’ll point out the obvious anyways.

  • It can save your life,
  • it can save other peoples lives,
  • and it can reduce rig repair costs in the long term.

What are some signs that a rig needs brakes repaired?

Some are more obvious than others.

If you are hearing grinding or excessive noise when breaking, there is a strong chance you may have some issues with the brake pads since usually by the time you hear grinding, that means your brake pads are gone and callipers are grinding on your rotors.

Not good.

But not all warning signs are quite as pronounced. Some are more subtle.

When you are braking your vehicle, it should continue straight. If it pulls to either side, you may have uneven brake pad wear.

When you apply the brakes, do you feel any vibrations? If you do, this could be a sign of warped rotors. Warped rotors are somewhat common for rigs that haul heavy loads.

Alternatively, when you apply your brakes, do you have a “soft brake pedal”? Put another way, do you feel like you have to depress the brake pedal too far down to stop the vehicle? If so, this could indicate worn brake ads. It could also indicate a leak in the air brake line.

While it should be needless to say, when driving something the size and weight of a rig, you want top performing brakes, so if in doubt, get them checked.

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