Streamlining Air Brake License Renewals: What Truckers Need to Know

For truckers in Canada, staying current on licensing requirements is necessary if you want to have any career longevity. Recently (as of the time of this post), there have been significant changes to the process of renewing air brake licenses, aimed at simplifying and expediting the procedure. Here are some of the details you should know…

Effective as of September 2023, truckers now have the option to complete the Air Brakes Refresher Training module online before visiting a DriveTest center to renew their air brakes or Z license. This means that the traditional knowledge test at the DriveTest center is no longer a mandatory step in the renewal process, making it more convenient for truckers.

As to where truckers find this online module, head to the website “”.

This platform hosts the training module, allowing truckers to complete it at their own pace and convenience. Once the module is successfully completed, truckers can download or print the Certificate of Completion. This certificate, along with their driver’s license, is then presented at a DriveTest center or Driver Certification Program organization. The introduction of this online training module aims to streamline the renewal process, making it easier and hopefully faster for truckers. By eliminating the need for an in-person knowledge test, truckers can save time and effort, focusing instead on completing the training module at their convenience.

Ultimately, the goal is to make the renewal of air brake licenses a smoother and more efficient process for truckers. With the option to complete the training online and present the Certificate of Completion at the DriveTest center, truckers can expect a more streamlined experience when renewing their licenses.

In conclusion, the changes to renewing air brake licenses represent a positive step forward for truckers in Canada. By embracing online training modules and digital certificates, the process has been modernized to better meet the needs of today’s trucking industry. As truckers navigate the renewal process, they can take advantage of these streamlined procedures to ensure compliance and keep their licenses up-to-date with ease.


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