Everything You Need to Know About the Volvo VNR Electric

Industries all over the world are shifting their practices to place sustainability and eco- friendliness at the forefront. The trucking industry is no exception. As the need and demand for environmentally friendly vehicles grows, manufacturers have shifted their focus to electromobility.

With online shopping, medical carriers, and delivery services at an all-time high, the trucking industry will continue to see steady growth in the next year. Electric trucks are a viable solution for businesses and cities all over the world. They contribute to quieter cities, cleaner air, and efficient transport services.

Electric Trucks

Battery technology is ever-improving and evolving, so the future is bright for electric trucks. There is always a high demand for vehicle solutions that will reduce local air pollution, and the densest cities in the country will be the first to benefit.

In the next few years, electric trucks will be a significant disruption to the trucking industry. While manufacturers are striving to make conventional trucks cleaner and much more efficient, electric trucks have arrived and are expected to multiply across the economy.

Volvo VNR Electric

Volvo Trucks’ long-term ambition to move toward zero emissions and to improve air quality has resulted in one of the first steps to electromobility: the Volvo VNR Electric.

The Class 8 Volvo VNR Electric truck is available in three configurations, and they are all meant to offer all delivery companies a zero-emission option. These trucks are quieter and much easier to operate. Electric trucks provide full power and torque from a standstill and lower driveline- induced vibrations, resulting in a better driving experience when compared to conventional diesel trucks.

Driving quieter trucks means companies and drivers can hit the road early in the morning and late at night without the worry of disrupting the homes and local businesses in towns they pass through. When drivers can bring their trucks around during off-peak hours, there will be much less commercial traffic during peak hours.

The VNR Electric has a familiar interface and is nearly identical to the original Volvo VNR. Drivers will have no trouble recognizing or adjusting to the Electric driving system. Maneuverability, visibility, and safety are central tenets of every Volvo truck, and the Electric is no exception.

The VNR Electric has an operating range of up to 150 miles. Its 264-kWh lithium-ion batteries can be charged up to 80% within 70 minutes. This means that each truck can be used for many applications and services with local and even regional distribution ranges. Businesses across Canada are developing a network of charging stations that will continue to grow at a rapid pace over the next several years. The electric trucks employ battery technology that shows real-time battery health that maximizes overall uptime. Batteries are engineered to last between six to eight years.

Each VNR Electric automatically includes a Volvo Gold Contract. This contract covers all scheduled and preventive maintenance, vehicle repair, towing, as well as any battery issues. Also included are Volvo Trucks’ full uptime promise and onboard telematics. Volvo Action Service ensures that all drivers and companies have 24/7 access to Volvo experts who can assist with any issues that occur and repairs that may be needed.

VNR Electric configurations:
VNR Electric 4×2 Straight Truck – Operating range up to 150 miles, up to 33.2k GVW, 264 kWh battery capacity, charging time up to 150 kW in 70 minutes, two-speed I-Shift automated transmission, top speed of 65 mph.
VNR Electric 4×2 Tractor – Operating range up to 120 miles, up to 66k GCW, all other configurations the same.
VNR Electric 6×2 Tractor – Operating range up to 120 miles, up to 82k GCW, all other configurations the same.


As the trucking industry shifts to more sustainable practices, electric trucks are set to be the vehicle of choice in dense cities and communities worldwide. Volvo’s VNR Electric is their first significant step into the world of electromobility. With safe, quiet, and efficient electric trucks, pollution and operating costs will be significantly reduced.

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