What benefits do Volvo Reman replacement parts offer when compared to rebuilt parts?

No one likes having to replace parts on their rig.


No one. But when it happens truckers will naturally want to find the most cost effective way to get the issue solved so they can get back out onto the road and get earning money again. Historically when truckers had a worn out or damaged truck component they could choose between replacing it with new parts, or they could opt to reduce the cost by buying rebuilt or refurbished parts.

While rebuilt parts are typically cheaper, the concern/ issue is rebuilders often only repair the specific failed or worn pieces, and they don’t always bring the full unit back to spec. On top of this, was the rebuild itself done right or properly? The last thing you wanted to do was replace a worn or damaged part with a poorly rebuilt part that would again take you off the road, and potentially even cause other problems.

So the challenge has been pay the price of new, or risk what could be dodgy product on a rebuilt part. Thankfully Volvo offers something called Reman.

What is Volvo Reman?

Volvo Reman replacement parts are refurbished parts from the  original equipment manufacturer (OEM). You have the assurance of knowing it was Volvo, and not an unknown third party, who refurbished and restored these parts to their original condition and to the quality standards you expect.

Reman offers several benefits when compared to other rebuilt parts which include…


  1. Volvo quality: Volvo Reman parts are restored to their original condition using the same manufacturing processes and quality standards as new OEM parts. This ensures that they meet the same performance and durability standards as new parts. It’s a stringent and comprehensive process that involves involves visual inspection, complete disassembly, cleaning, precision machining, replacing worn or damaged components with new and more. Even the packaging and paint receives detailed attention. When the part is complete, calibration and testing is then done to ensure it meets Volvo’s high quality standards.


  1. Volvo specs: Since Volvo is the original manufacturer they have the original and current specifications ensuring factory quality during the remanufacturing process.


  1. Warranty: Volvo Reman parts come with a full manufacturer’s warranty, providing added peace of mind and protection for the customer. Reman components also come with great warranty. One 100% parts and labour from 1 to 3 years, as long as it’s installed by an authorized Volvo dealer.


  1. Cost savings: Remanufactured parts can often be purchased at a lower cost than new OEM parts, providing a cost-effective alternative for customers.


  1. Environmental benefits: Each part we re-use means one less we have to manufacture, so if you care about the environment going with refurbished parts helps to reduce waste and conserve natural resources, making it a more environmentally sustainable option.

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