What does Volvos rock free technology do?

As any truck driver or heavy rig operator knows, in the course of getting the job done, truckers often encounter various challenges and obstacles. One of these challenges arises when your rig gets stuck due to terrain issues or inclement weather conditions. Regardless of the cause, these issues can be at the very least frustrating, and at the very worst a time-consuming and costly nightmare.

Fortunately, Volvo has an innovative solution called Rock Free Technology. In this post, we will discuss the functionality of this feature, which not only helps free your rig when it gets stuck but also enhances your safety. To put it simply, Volvo’s Rock Free Technology works by creating a controlled rocking motion when your vehicle finds itself stuck. For instance, if you are stuck at a standstill on an uneven surface, applying gentle rocking movements using Rock Free Technology provides a smoother method of freeing the vehicle, especially when carrying a heavy payload. This offers a practical and more effective alternative to using brute force or relying on external assistance to overcome challenging situations.

While this technology was originally intended for off-road situations with obstructions and uneven terrains, Volvo’s Rock Free Technology proves helpful in other scenarios as well. Consider winter conditions where you deal with ice and snow. The gentle controlled rocking motion of Rock Free helps you overcome grip issues caused by slippery surfaces. Moreover, Rock Free goes beyond assisting in extricating vehicles from jammed and slippery surfaces. It also enhances safety for you and others during stuck situations. When rigs get bogged down, towing lines often come into play. While this seems like a good solution, there is a risk of unexpected tow line snaps. Such incidents can result in severe and sudden harm and injuries to individuals.

Additionally, a vehicle in an awkward position is susceptible to rolling over during recovery efforts.

Volvo’s Rock Free function minimizes the likelihood of both events. It exemplifies Volvo’s commitment to addressing real-world challenges faced by truckers and drivers, with the ultimate goal of making the job easier and safer. In conclusion, Volvo’s Rock Free Technology provides a practical and effective solution for freeing stuck rigs. It not only enhances safety during recovery operations but also offers assistance in various challenging situations. With Rock Free, Volvo demonstrates its dedication to improving the trucking industry by developing innovative technologies that prioritize both efficiency and safety!

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