What is a Volvo Certified Uptime Dealer?

Whenever you are dealing with mechanical issues with your Volvo truck (or any truck), time is critical and minutes count because trucks with issues are not trucks that are earning. In this blog post, we will dive into the concept of how Volvo Certified Uptime Dealers can help Volvo drivers largely in part by streamlining the troubleshooting and resolution process to get problems solved quickly.

We will start by saying that not all Volvo dealers are Certified Uptime Dealers. This designation is reserved for dealerships that have met rigorous quality standards, and that have implemented efficient processes to earn this title. The dealership must invest in the necessary infrastructure to accelerate not only the troubleshooting but also the resolution of mechanical issues.

Fortunately both Gerry’s London and Woodstock dealerships holding this prestigious designation, truckers can experience that both of our dealerships have the skills, technology and expertise to expedite repairs with the goal of helping them to get back on the road faster.

So what exactly is a Certified Uptime Dealer? Probably the best way to envision this is to consider this to be a fast lane for rigs in need.

Here is how it works…

When you encounter an issue with your truck, simply bring it to the dealership. You do not need to book an appointment in advance. Just show up at your convenience. When you arrive, the Certified Uptime staff will check your truck in, at which point an initial diagnostics will be performed to assess the problem. If a quick repair is found to be required, your truck will then be routed to the dedicated uptime bay, where it will receive prompt attention. If on the other hand the diagnosis indicates more complex issues or a more in-depth diagnostics is required, your truck may be directed to an advanced diagnostic area, and potentially an advanced bay.

This beauty of this process ensures that smaller repairs are not delayed behind trucks with more extensive issues, which in turn allows for a faster turnaround time. The primary goal of Volvo Certified Uptime Dealers is to expedite the repair process and minimize downtime for truckers. By swiftly addressing smaller repairs and triaging more complex issues, truckers can resume their journeys promptly, maximizing their productivity. Volvo Certified Uptime Dealers, such as Gerry’s London and Woodstock dealerships, prioritize efficiency and expedited repairs. By offering dedicated uptime bays and advanced diagnostic areas, these dealerships ensure that Volvo truck owners experience minimal downtime, keeping them on the fast lane to success.

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