What Is An E G R Cooler, And Why Should You Care?

An E G R, or Exhaust Gas Recirculation system is an internal part of your rig that reduces vehicle emissions by stopping part of the exhaust gas from exiting the tailpipe, reintroducing it back into the engine.

Over time, it is common (and expected) that your EGR cooler will not function at a high level, as regular day to day rig usage plugs it up with soot, ash, carbon and countless other contaminants.

A free flowing system is very important since a dirty or poorly functioning E G R system increases vehicle emissions, can create leaks or failures, fuel injector issues and sensor problems.

It can even impact turbo charger lifespan and reduce power fuel performance.

Under normal operations, we recommend that an EGR cooler should be cleaned give or take about every four hundred and fifty thousand kilometres.

While many EGR cleaning methods can take a longer period of time to perform and at the same time leave residue and contaminants which can require more frequent E G R cooler cleanings, at Gerry’s we use an ultra sonic cleaner that brings your E G R cooler back to original factory efficiency with less repair time.

As one of the most popular truck manufacturing companies in the world, Volvo has met, or exceeded the trucking industries needs for the better part of one hundred years!

With a relentless focus on driver protection, comfort and performance, Volvo has become the rig of choice for countless heavy truck drivers, fleets and trucking companies.

Gerry’s Truck Centre in London Ontario has been a Volvo truck dealer for over 30 years. We offer sales of new and used (pre-owned rigs) as well as parts and service, and pride ourselves on top quality service.

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