What is the Volvo Uptime Centre, and how does it help Volvo Truck Drivers?

Imagine you’re driving down the highway in your heavy truck, fully loaded and all of the sudden you get a warning notification on your rig. Great. Now your delivery will be delayed… your workday just became longer and your headache just became bigger. Unfortunately, most truckers don’t have to imagine this scenario since they have undoubtedly lived it at least once, if not many times in their career.

If you think back to that moment, wouldn’t it have been nice to have a heavy truck expert in the cab next to you that could help you know exactly what the problem is, the next steps you should take and so on? Well if you’re driving a Volvo rig (at least one thats been made in the last few years), for all intents and purposes, you will have that expert right in the rig with you.

Welcome to the Volvo Uptime Centre 24/7.

The Uptime Centre is a twenty four hour a day, seven days a week centre that is located in Greensboro North Carolina with roughly fifty advisors who can monitor your Volvo rig’s engine, transmission and more. This monitoring is accomplished through some of the most advanced telematic and diagnostic systems available, which are included in each new Volvo rig. So when a problem occurs the uptime centre can not only diagnose it, they can often even see what was going on in your rig before the issue, as well after. This previously unprecedented level of analysis provides more of a movie for the technicians as opposed to a picture.

With this information, the Uptime Centre can tell you how severe the issue is, what you should do at that moment and even help schedule repairs at a certified Volvo Truck Dealer.

So let’s go back to our initial example.

You’re driving down the highway and you get a warning light. You pull over, contact the Uptime Center and their Volvo experts will likely be able to tell you exactly what the warning is for, explain it to you so you understand, suggest what your next steps should be and even reach out to a local Volvo service facility and get your rig booked in for necessary repairs.

It’s like having a Volvo expert in the rig right there with you who will guide you step by step when an issue occurs.

Perhaps even better, often the Uptime Centre can even anticipate and eliminate issues before they occur because the Volvo Uptime Centre has an ongoing list of criteria they monitor on Volvo rigs at all times.

For over three decades, Gerrys Truck Centre in London Ontario has been the Volvo heavy truck dealer of choice. For everything from sales of new and used (pre-owned rigs) as well as parts and service, and pride ourselves on top quality service.

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